Free Online Manning Pipe Head Loss Calculator

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Manning Formula Head Loss at Given Full Flow

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Area, A Area, A X
Wetted perimeter, Pw Wetted perimeter, Pw X
Hydraulic radius, Rh Hydraulic radius, Rh X
Velocity, v Velocity, v X
Velocity head, hv Velocity head, hv X
Friction slope Friction slope X
Average shear stress (tractive force), tau Average shear stress (tractive force), tau X
Friction loss, Hf Friction loss, Hf X
Junction loss, Hm Junction loss, Hm X
Total loss, Hl Total loss, Hl X
Upstream EGL Upstream EGL X
Upstream HGL in pipe (See notes) Upstream HGL in pipe (See notes) X


For an open inlet (culvert) condition, it is necessary to check for inlet control conditions.
1. The upstream HGL cannot be lower than the upstream normal depth flow elevation (or lower than the pipe!).
2. The headwater of a culvert is better represented by the upstream EGL than the upstream HGL.
3. See my 2-minute tutorial for simple standard culvert headwater calculations using HY-8.

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