Free Online Manning Pipe Head Loss Calculator

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Manning Formula Head Loss at Given Full Flow

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Area, A Area, A X
Wetted perimeter Wetted perimeter X
Hydraulic radius Hydraulic radius X
Velocity, v Velocity, v X
Velocity head, hv Velocity head, hv X
Friction slope Friction slope X
Shear stress (tractive force), tau Shear stress (tractive force), tau X
Friction loss, Hf Friction loss, Hf X
Junction loss, Hm Junction loss, Hm X
Total loss, Hl Total loss, Hl X
Upstream HGL (See notes) Upstream HGL (See notes) X
Upstream EGL (See notes) Upstream EGL (See notes) X


It is necessary to check for inlet control conditions.
1. The upstream HGL cannot be lower than the upstream normal depth flow elevation (or lower than the pipe!).
2. The headwater of a culvert is better represented by the upstream EGL than the upstream HGL.
3. See my 2-minute tutorial for simple standard culvert headwater calculations using HY-8.

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