50 East North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 64150-3400

February 22, 2001

Dear Family History CenterDirector:

Subject: Duplication of TempleOrdinance Work

Family History Centers helpChurch members fulfill their family history responsibilities byproviding resources that assist them in identifying theirancestors and submitting names to the temple. Using TempleReadysoftware on Family Search'" computers, Church members clearthe names of their ancestors who need temple ordinance workperformed.

Sometimes names are cleared eventhough the temple ordinance work has been performed previously.This duplication of ordinance work wastes valuable time andresources, is often discouraging to those who later find theyhave duplicated work, and further delays work being done forthose ancestors who have not yet received their temple ordinances.TempleReady allows members to check for duplicate submissions intwo ways: either they can check each name they are submittingagainst the database of completed ordinances, or they can havethe computer check all the names at once. Duplication is morelikely to occur when the latter option is used, because thecomputer often does not recognize duplicates with slightvariations that members would if they checked each nameindividually.

To reduce duplication of templework, Family History Centers directors should instruct memberswho wish to clear names for temple ordinances to do the following:

A new, simplified Windows*version of TempleReady software will be sent to Family HistoryCenters in mid-March. This version will require Church members toreview each name they are submitting for possible duplication. Weencourage you to load and use this software as soon as youreceive it ifyou have a computer that is capable of running it.

The Church is striving to provideinformation on completed ordinances to Church members in a moretimely manner. New technologies eventually will allow the Churchto update temple ordinance data much more frequently than atpresent. In the meantime, please implement the foregoingpractices.

Family History Center Support