Odell/Odle Family Genealogy 1800-1902
Ohio to Indiana to Missouri to Arkansas to Nevada

I am currently presenting genealogy with as much documentation as possible for this Odell/Odle line:

Sarah Jane Odell (my 2ggrandmother) ==>
b. 1858 Missouri
Martin Odell ==>
b. 1836 Indiana
John Odle
b. 1800 Ohio

with their spouses and brothers and sisters--full, half, and in-law. Most of the research on this family has been done and documented by my uncle Wallace Haws, my aunt Brenda Hertzberg, and my grandmother Maxine Haws.


February 2001 Research State


Wallace Haws assembled the following chronology of Martin and Sarah Jane:

24 August 1854 Marriage of Martin Odell and Mary McDonald in Moniteau County, Missouri
abt1855 brother George born
23 Sept 1858 Sarah Jane Odell born in Moniteau Co., Missouri
abt 1860 Female born (possibly Janey)
abt 1863 Female born
abt 1865 Male born
1868 to 1873 Martin and Wife and two daughters die near Pocahontas,Randolph,Ark.
abt 1874 Younger boy dies.
abt 1875 Sarah Jane Odell married Mr. Casey and went to live with them.
abt 1877 Left Mr. Casey, went by train to Springfield then Pottersville
Missouri and worked for Mrs. Landopeas near a flour mill.
13 March 1884 Married Andrew Benton Clevenger in Ozark County, Missouri. Marriage license reads: "A. B. Clevenger of Dora, County of Ozark and state of Missouri who is over the age of twenty-one years and Sarah Jane Casey of Ambrose in the county of Ozark and state of Missouri, who is over the age of eighteen.
1885 Son Edward born
29 Apr 1894 Gertrude Luveda Clevenger born
4 May 1900 Joined the Church at Witt Springs, Searcy, Ark.
17 Oct 1902 Died at Overton, Nevada.

MARTIN ODELL (as written by Maxine Haws)

Martin Odell or Odle has escaped from us finding him for a long time. I believe that he is the 14 or 16 year old boy, Martin, in the home of John and Jane Odle, living in Mopawn ["Missouri" misread. See same census page 1.] Moniteau County, Missouri. We found him on no other census. We did find a marriage record of Martin Odle and Mary McDonald in Moniteau. County.
Using these clues, I looked in the land records of Moniteau Co. Mo. and found that Martin "D." Odle received land from John Odle, then promptly sold it to Geo. H. Claybrook. I looked up Geo. Claybrook in the 1860 census. He was a merchant in the town of California, Moniteau Co. Mo.
From this I think that John Odle, the father, gave Martin some land in order that he could sell it to move. My next search will be in Randolph County, Ark. following the clues mentioned in the letter written by Aunt Malinda Guthrie to my mother in 1946. Since this letter was writen so long after the events told about, I have been checking it out for facts. If you have a copy of the letter, you will be interested to know that in the 1880 census of Ozark County I found several Collins families. I found Mrs. "Land=O=Peas", "where we bought our good flour." It was "Landon P. Janney, Miller" of Bridges Township, E.D. 109, page 8. film# 1254707.
Landon P. Janney with wife Margaret A. , sons George and William and daughters Belle and Alice and 4 employees must have had a pretty good mill there.

ODELL RESEARCH REPORT JUNE 2001 (by Brenda Hertzberg)

1. Sarah Jane Odell's parents were Martin D. Odell and Mary McDonald. Martin Odell and Mary McDonald were married in Moniteau Co., Missouri (sources: Arkansas District Conference of Members, Overton Nevada Ward Record of Members, marriage license for Moniteau Co., Mo.).

2. Martin D. Odell (born abt. 1836 in Indiana) is the son of John Odell/Odle. (sources: 1850 Moniteau Co., Missouri U.S. Census, listing John Odle, 50, born in Ohio, married in the year; and Jane Odle, 44, born in Tenn.; with 5 children. The oldest child listed is Martin Odle, 14, born in Indiana). Another source listing Martin D. Odell's parents is the Land Records for Moniteau Co., MO. 1853-1857, Film #902825. On Sept 15th 1857 John Odell and his wife Jinney Odell deeded to Martin D. Odell ("in consideration of the love & affection of our son Martin D. Odell") 70 acres of land situated in the southwest qt of the southwest qt of section twenty township fortyfour of range fourteen. The very next deed shows Martin D. Odell and his wife Mary Odell of the County of Moniteau, Missouri selling land to a Geo. W. Claybrook (the same piece of land as described in the preceding deed).

It looks like John Odell and his wife Jinny deeded 70 acres to their son Martin D. Odell, and then Martin D. Odell and his wife Mary Odell immediately sold the same piece of land to a Geo. W. Claybrook. That was on Sept 15, 1857.

3. I am convinced that Martin D. Odell's father WAS John Odell/Odle. But I am not convinced that his birth mother was Jane or Jinny:

a. The 1850 listing of the John Odle family in 1850 lists John as married in the year. If the mark was put in the married in the year column correctly, that would mean that John and Jane Odle were recently married and probably all the children were not born to both of them.

b. The children listed in the 1850 census could all be John's OR they could be a blended family of children. They are all listed with the last name of Odle. At first, I thought they were from different mothers because John Odle, 10, and Jane Odle, 10, are listed as being born in different states (John in Indiana-dittoed from sibling above him, and Jane born in Mo.) However, later censuses list John C. Odle (younger John) as born in Missouri not Indiana.

4. My opinion at the moment is that all the children listed in the 1850 census are probably John Odle's. John Odell/Odle was probably married three times:
a. First to the mother of Martin D. Odell (our ancestor). They were prob. married in Indiana (where Martin was born). This wife probably died sometime before John her husband died. At some point John Odle moved to Missouri.
b. Second, John married Jane (b. 1806 - 44 in 1850, born in Tenn). Jane is listed with John Odle in the 1850 census of Moniteau Co., Mo. She is probably also the Jinny listed as his wife in the land records given above.
c. Third, John married Mrs. Nancy Houlder on 1 Jan. 1868 in Cole Co., Mo. (source: Cole Co., Missouri Marriages 1865-1881, Vol. C & D., Film #901475, Vol. C, page 226 [found by Maxine Haws]). Note Cole Co., is right over the border from Burris Township, Moniteau Co., Mo. Nancy was born 1809 - 71 in 1880, born in N.C. (1880 Moniteau Co., Mo. Census)

Maxine Haws also found John Odle and John C. Odle (John's son) listed in the 1876 state census for Moniteau Co., Mo. That state census give only the age groups of family members, not names. But the information matches other census.

1880 Census for Moniteau Co., Missouri, Burris Fork Township lists both the families for John Odle and John C. Odle.
John Odle 81, born in Ohio is listed with Nancy 71, born in N.C. John C. Odle (who would be John Odle's son and Martin's brother) is listed with Mary 22 and four children: Mary C. 13, Charles 10, Edward 4, Ellis 2.

Mother (Maxine Haws) found two marriage records for John C. Odle: Susan A. Riggs on 14 Oct 1866, and Mary E. Bond on 19 Jul 1875 (Cole Co., Missouri marriages).

In the 1880 census John C. Odle is listed born in Missouri and both his parents as born in Ohio. That would lend support to the fact that Jane (John Odle's wife in 1850 census) was not his (John C. Odle's) mother. Jane Odle in 1850 census is listed as born in Tenn.

What happened to Martin D. Odell and his wife Mary after Oct. 1857. Did he sale the land his father gave him and then move? Did he move to another county in Missouri or did he move to Arkansas? We are still looking for him.

If any of this does not make sense, please let me know.

Most of the above information comes from the research of Maxine Haws. She has been working hard on our Odell family and has made good progress.


John Boots Odle/Odell was born abt. 1800 in Ross Co., Ohio while his parents, John Odle/Odell (b. 21 September 1764 in Baltimore County, Maryland) and Nancy Moore (b. 26 August 1769), were living near Richmond Dale, Ross, Ohio). He moved west with his parents into Randolph County, Indiana in about 1819. He married his first wife, Jane Conway, 25 December 1824 in Wayne County, Indiana. We might expect to find this family in the 1830 and 1840 Indiana census. After she died, he moved to Moniteau Co., Missouri around 1840. We found him with a new wife in the 1850 Monitou County, Missouri Census. Martin Odell was their oldest living child, and he was born in 1836 in Indiana. Martin married Mary McDonald (still in Moniteau County), where Sarah Jane Odell (their second child) was born. At some point they moved to Randolph Co, AR, where entire family but Sarah Jane and George died, then Sarah Jane married a Mr. Casey in 1875, then left him in 1877. She went to Springfield, Missouri, then Pottersville, Howell, Missouri. She married Andrew Benton Clevenger in the adjoining county westward, Ozark, Missouri. They had children Edward (in Douglas County, MO 1885) and Gertrude (Point Peter?, Searcy, AR 1894), were baptized Latter-day Saints in Witt Springs, Searcy, AR and moved eventually to Overton, Nevada, where Sarah Jane died 1902.


258. John Boots ODELL (After clicking, search for person 258)
        b. ca. 1800 in Ross Co., OH.

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Sex: M

Spouse: Jane CONWAY
Marriage: 25 Dec 1824
Wayne, Indiana


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