Clevenger Family Genealogy 1633-1979
England to New York to New Jersey to Virginia to Illinois to Missouri to Arkansas to Arizona

I am currently working with genealogy for the Clevenger line from John Clevenger (b. England abt 1633) through George, John, George, George, Reuben Alnessbon, Braxton (Braxten), Andrew Benton, and Gertrude Luveda Clevenger (my great-grandmother, d. 1979 Arizona) with their spouses and brothers and sisters--full, half, and in-law. Very little is actually on my site at this time, but I hope to live a long time, and hopefully this page will direct some of my relatives in their efforts.

Compiled information I have found on this family is at the following links:

I have found some good source information also:

Source for the name "Reuben Alnessbon"

From: JWill224 JWill224 at aol dot com
Subject: Re: Reuben Clevenger
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:53:10 EST

Regarding Reuben Alnessbon Clevenger's middle name: I can't
be certain, but I
think it was came from records which belonged to my aunt.
However, she lost
all her geneaolgy records in a fire last year. I will try
to contact her and
find out for sure or review some of my files.

About Ruben Clevenger's wife

From: Ray Brenda Hertzberg
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 20:39:10 +0000

I found a good little piece of information for our ancestor Reuben
Clevenger. It is another listing for Reuben Clevenger with a wife Sarah.

INDEX), compiled by Laura Lee Butler & Randolph N. Smith, 1975, Leeran
Publishers, Burkesville, Kentucky, page 119. It gave an abstract for a
deed of Reuben Clevenger and his wife Sarah as:

"Reuben Clevenger & w. Sarah of Overton Co., Tenn. to John Reneau land in
Overton Co., Tenn.; 9/15/1825; E-509" [Book and page number of original
records on file in the office of the Cumberland County Court Clerk in
Burkesville, Kentucky.]

I have not had access to the original deed records yet.

The significance of this find is that it is another source showing that
Reuben Clevenger's wife was Sarah. This listing is for a deed made in
1825 before Brackston Clevenger was born. This is another proof that
Brackston Clevenger's mother was probably Sarah Mayberry and not Martha
Buck. Most printed genealogies (other than Andrew Benton Clevenger's
family branch) list Reuben Clevenger's wife as Sarah Mayberry and one of
their children as Brackston Clevenger. Andrew Benton Clevenger did list
his grandmother (mother of Brackston Clevenger) as Martha Buck; but I
have never seen any other documentation that Reuben Clevenger was married
to a Martha Buck.