The Testimony of Thomas

By Thomas Gail Haws (1966- )

Warmest Greetings

To all my fellow beings I send my most sincere love, mostwise my wife, my children, my parents, and my kin, with a personal assurance that a loving Heaven watches over us all, and a promise that all things will work together for good to them that seek God and practice sacrificial love.

This web site (my other personal web site is here, and I will be using my blogger.com blog more now) is primarily my testimony, consisting of the following sections:

Spiritual Essays

The Problem of The Real World. Can we always just turn the other cheek and not worry about tomorrow's troubles?

Gospel Hobbies and Extremism. Am I a gospel hobbyist? A list of possibilities.

Joseph Smith and Psammetic I on recreation, an interesting parallel I ran across

That Big Screen in the Sky, how what will happen when we die can happen while we remain here

The Near Death Experience in Mormon Scripture, merely a stub, planned to explore parallels between modern NDEs and LDS tradition and scripture

Spiritual Nuggets

Happy Songs

Technical Essays

phpBB watch or notify or mail

phpBB simple post notification

AutoLISP Convert.exe for Protection

Katos Perl CSV parser

Walmart Advance watch instructions

Segmented Weir Flow Equation

Lehis Journey paraphrased with modern geographic ties.

((Sample SQL (mySQL) Queries|Scratchpad))

Connecting to a web-hosted MySQL database with your local OpenOffice.org

SWMM 5? is an amazing storm water management model

((http://autolisptutor.pbwiki.com/)) My AutoLISP tutorial at Peanut Butter Wiki.

http://www.editthis.info/the testimony of thomas/index.php//Praise for OpenOffice? editthis.info is kind of slow. This is an experimental use of that site.

Decalogue Coordinates

Other pages

((Kato's Essays|http://www.hawsedc.com/kato))

What to take to Africa?

Stocks notes

My Quick Bookmarks?

Mesa Arizona Area Civil Engineers for Residential Work


Full list of pages

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