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Clarence Shumway ‎(I166)‎
Birth 20 June 1881 30 22 Concho ‎(Erastus)‎, Apache, AZ
Death 5 March 1961 ‎(Age 79)‎ Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Esther Smith ‎(I165)‎
Birth 26 October 1887 52 38 Snowflake, Navajo, AZ
Death 8 December 1975 ‎(Age 88)‎ Blythe, Riverside, CA
Homer Burton Legg ‎(I168)‎
Birth 21 June 1902 28 20 Portland, Multnomah, Or
Death 21 April 1972 ‎(Age 69)‎ Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
Myrna Lucile Williams ‎(I191)‎
Birth 28 October 1903 44 28 Lewiston, Nez Perce, Idaho
Death 29 October 1986 ‎(Age 83)‎ Dallas, , Oregon
R W Shumway and P C Legg Family Tree

13 November 2019 - 1:47:07am

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ELWYN, Sarah Sarah13 November 1644375Death 
FRANDS, Rasmussen Rasmussen13 November 1847172Death 
Gould, Zaccheus Zaccheus13 November 1668351Death 
MASON, Walter Courtland
Shumway, Esther Fern
Walter Courtland13 November 193485Marriage 
Shumway, Jeremiah
LEARNED, Experience
Jeremiah13 November 1729290Marriage 

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